VersiScape– Safety Support Panel

VersiScape™ constructs a leveled surface that accommodates any landscape finish, from pavers to porcelain tiles of varying size, and minimum thickness of 20 mm. VersiScape™  allows for the assembly of conventional pavers/tiles, variable pavers/tiles, and artificial landscapes.

In the event of accidental paver/tile breakage, VersiScape™ is able to withstand the weight of broken shards and human loads. This system serves as a safety net so that broken paver/tile fragments do not fall through below the height of pedestals, which prevents injury to pedestrians and simplifies the maintenance of the broken finishes.

*VersiScape™ is designed to be used together with VersiJack® height-adjustable pedestals.

System Components

VersiJack® pedestals support the entire raised substructure system securely.

Dampening Pad
Dampening Pad protects the underlying membrane of VersiJack® pedestals and acts as an acoustic and vibration dampening layer.

Wall Spacer
Wall Spacer serves as a permanent compressible buffer to allow for expansion, contraction, and paver movement.

Spacer Tab
Spacer Tab creates a uniform gap between each paver and provides better surface drainage for the raised floor structure.

Spacer Pad
Spacer Pad accomadates varying designs on top of the VersiScape™ layer while providing a uniform gap between tiles of pavers.

Infill Block
Infill Block plugs the gaps on the VersiScape™ surface creating a flushed surface for various layouts to be achieved.


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