MEP® Tray

What is MEP® Tray

MEP® Tray is a pre-planted modular planting tray system that supports long-term plant sustainability with ease of maintenance. The system offers a quick solution to establish extensive green roofs.

MEP® Tray adopts a modular tray design, which is lightweight and robust. It has water storage compartments that passively assist irrigation requirements and is made from high-strength UV-stabilised polypropylene.

The self-contained MEP® Tray may be pre-planted in a nursery prior to installation to achieve instant greening of rooftops.

Each MEP® Tray, including accessories, saturated planting media, plants and stored water, weighs approximately 38 kg.

In the event that a layout modification is necessary, each MEP® Tray can be added, removed, or rearranged without disruptions to the green roof’s functionality.


Roof Garden

Green Solar Roof

Capillary Wicks convey water to planting media, ensuring they are kept moist to promote plant growth, thereby decreasing the need for frequent irrigation.

Linked Reservoirs
Rainwater collected from unsheltered MEP® Trays are distributed evenly across the MEP® system with proprietary Continuous Joiner.

Speed Up Water Distribution
More water channels are created with 50 mm pipe fixings to speed up water distribution among adjoining MEP® Trays during heavy downpours.

Create Maintenance Paths & Walkway
MEP® Tray may be filled with gravel and joined with adjacent trays to form maintenance paths and walkways.

Deeper Planting Depths
Wall Extender can be added to MEP® Tray to increase the planting depth by 75 mm or 250 mm.

Erosion Control
Erosion Guard is fixed to inner walls of MEP® Tray and holds planting media in place, especially on sloping surfaces.

  • Established green roof upon installation
  • Modular, lightweight and portable
  • Closed drainage system
  • Watertight connectors
  • Spill-proof planting media containment
Material PP
Colour Black
Dimensions 500 mm x 500 mm x 150mm
Planting media height  75 mm
Wall Extender 75 mm / 250 mm
Reservoir Capacity 40 L/m2

  • Empty
  • Planted


12 kg/m2
150 kg/m2

Weight of Geotextile 150 g/m2 to 200 g/m2