What is VersiPave® GP

VersiPave® GP is a lightweight, high strength plastic paver support designed to eliminate the use of sand when laying pavers, resulting in reduced weight-bearing loads on building structures.

VersiPave® GP paver supports are used in the construction of roofs, plaza decks, balconies, pool surrounds, reflective pools and verandas.

VersiPave® GP incorporates integrated snap-on chocks, each adjustable in height from 24 mm to 34 mm. The height may be increased with the use of proprietary “extenders”. Integrated 1/2mm shim at the base of the unit for fine adjustment.

“New Improved Design” adjustable chocks are now 60% larger than previous versions, It has more surface area for the tile to sit on. Chock Extenders can be used to prevent smaller tiles from tipping at the corners Click here for Brochure

VersiPave® GP allows the easy placement of most pavers such as granite, marble, precast concrete and porcelain where a well drained and level surface is required.

VersiPave® GP reduces sound transmission, increases heat insulation and allows unsightly services to be concealed within the cavity under the elevated platform allowing easy access to waterproofing membranes and services, when required.

VersiPave® GP is now manufactured in Australia and carry 20yr product Warranty.


* Any product warranty for VersiPave is voided where pavers are supported beyond 35mm without the use of Elmich proprietary extenders.


VersiPave® GP paver supports are used to support pavers on:

  • Roof terraces
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Roof gardens
  • Podium landscapes
  • Plaza decks
  • Balconies
  • Pool surrounds
  • Reflective pools
  • Commercial roof top
  • Greenroofs
  • Raised flooring
  • Patio areas

VersiPave® GP allows easy placement of pavers where
a well-drained and level surface is required

  • Integrated snap-on chocks are now 60% larger than original VersiPave, This allows more surface area for tile support and fine adjustment on each quadrant.
  • Chocks that are adjustable in 1mm increments from 24 mm to 34 mm.
  • 1/2 mm shim built into the base of the VersiPave for fine adjustment.
  • Proprietary extenders that allow total height extension to 160 mm.
  • High load bearing capacity in excess of 2.5 tonnes/unit.
  • Chock extenders are available to accommodate smaller offcut pavers
  • The VersiPave has the ability to compensate for slab slope in any direction.
  • Eliminating the use of bedding sand
  • Allowing air ventilation and increased heat insulation
  • Minimising efflorescence and algae growth
  • Providing easy access to concealed services and waterproofing membranes for maintenance
  • Minimising sound transmission
  • Elimination of surface ponding and the need for surface drains
  • Levelled surfaces that ensure stability of outdoor furniture
  • Flush internal and external levels
  • Support US LEED™ credits

VersiPave® GP consists of a circular base divided into quadrants. Each pedestal has a 24 mm high raised rectangular support.

Where required, the height of each support is adjustable in increments of approximately 1 mm up to 34 mm high and is easily extended up to 150 mm using proprietary 10, 20, 30, 40 and 60 mm VersiPave® GP Extenders.


  • Measure the total area to be paved to determine the number of pavers and VersiPave® GP required.
  • One VersiPave® GP unit is required for each paver to be supported.
  • Mark the intersection of the corners of each paver to be laid.
  • Pack up to leveling line with VersiPave® Extenders, if necessary.
  • Where free edges and corners are to be supported, break the VersiPave® GP along the quadrant line.
  • Place VersiPave® GP units on the positions marked out on the surface to be paved.
  • Place the pavers into place on each VersiPave® GP and simply adjust the chocks on the supports to ensure each paver is level.

VersiPave® GP are used for raised floor systems on balconies and other building structures

WeightVersiPave GP 130 g 10 mm Extender 80 gm 30 mm Extender 140 gm
Height range24 to 34 mm @ 1 mm increments
Diameter/Base area162 mm/0.021 m²
Spacer width4 mm (gap between pavers)
Max. load675 kg (per support) 2,700 kg (total)
Biological resistanceUnaffected by moulds and algae
Chemical resistanceGood resistance to oils, acids, alkalis and bitumen
FlammabilityDoes not support combustion

Paving Supports – Polypads

Elmich offers quality adjustable paver supports that make quick and easy install pavers and porcelain tiles.  The structural integrity of your floors depends on the type and quality of support materials you use. If you’re installing slabs, tiles, or even podium decks and other surfaces, you need to have a well-drained supportive flooring. At Elmich, we make your floor support highly reliable.  Backed by a 20yr Product warranty

So, what are polypads?

What are Polypads?

When we talk of polypads, they are adjustable paving supports that are used to suspend pavers and porcelain tiles..The pedestals allows for a level threshold from inside to out. These adjustable supports are becoming popular flooring options in today’s construction. The supports are durable and possess good strength to allow an efficient and reliable level surface of the floor. The polypads may be adjusted to various up to 1m. The base plates are flat and have drainage channels on the underside allowing for effective drainage. The Pedestals are laid loose over the waterproof membrane so there’s no chance of damage to the waterproof membrane.

The Benefits of Polypads

Using polypads helps speed up the floor installation and reduces the complexity of installing and laying pavers within commercial and residential properties. They come in adjustable sizes to ensure an even and uniform surface that accommodates different variations in the thickness of the pavers.

Besides, adjustable polypads work with different types of paving and flooring materials including natural stone, precast concrete pavers, marble, and porcelain tiles. The supports allow sufficient drainage to help get rid of any water that pools on the surface via open joints. Also, these supports help conceal plumbing as well as electrical wiring that is installed under the flooring material. There is no efflorescence on the surface of tiles and tiles can easily be replaced, most importantly easy access to the waterproofing membrane if repairs are needed.

If you want to overcome the challenges associated with floor maintenance, especially with traditional laying methods, you may want to opt for polypads. These adjustable supports don’t require a bedding layer. This way, there is easy expansion and contraction of floor pavers without the risk of damaging the membrane or substrate.

Polypads have the highest compressive strength in the industry while being lightweight, they can work with all types of constructions whether industrial complexes, multi-storey commercial buildings, age care facilities or residential buildings. They also feature various design options to suit your paving and flooring needs.

At Elmich, we provide you with a range of adjustable polypads that you can use to install your pavers and flooring surfaces.  Buy from Elmich and get your floor surfaces installed properly with even surfaces.

Where to Use Our Polypads

You can use our range of polypads in the outdoor rooftop area, exhibition spaces, outdoor podium areas, courtyards and anywhere else where you a paving over a waterproof membrane.  You can also fit the polypads in swimming pool surrounds, internal podium areas, balconies, verandas, and internal pedestrian access floors. They provide durable and safe-to-walk-on pedestrian surfaces within your property.

Need polypads in Australia? Contact us today to buy from our extensive range of Elmich polypads!