VersiDrain® 8

What is VersiDrain® 8

VersiDrain® 8 is a dimpled plastic sheet with applications for:

  • Internal drainage of basement walls
  • Creating a capillary break under concrete ground slabs
  • Waterproofing membrane protection of underground structures



VersiDrain® 8 acts as a barrier and provides protection to the waterproofing membrane from the backfill. The dimples create a vapour and thermal insulation barrier in both internal walls and walls adjacent to waterproofing membranes.

VersiDrain® 8 offers protection against rising damp in ground slabs and replaces traditional lean concrete sub-base slabs without compromising the load-bearing capacity of the sub-base.

VersiDrain® 8 creates a cavity control layer when placed between the reinforced concrete base and concrete floor surfaces in chemical storage areas allowing continuous monitoring to determine leakage of chemical containers.


VersiDrain® 8 drainage sheets provide efficient drainage on:

  • Ground slabs
  • Basement walls
  • Sports fields & golf courses
  • Chemical storage areas

VersiDrain® 8 resists puncturing and provides drainage and rising damp protection under concrete slabs

VersiDrain® 8 dimpled drainage sheets offer unique features including:

  • A diagonal 8 mm dimple configuration
  • Compressive strength of 250 kN/m² (25 t/m²)
  • Rolls that may be joined by overlapping
  • Dimpled configuration that allows efficient water capture and discharge rates
  • Approval by German authorities for use in hazardous chemical storage areas
  • Creation of efficient drainage and vapour barriers between diaphragm and internal walls

Dimpled drainage sheets offer many advantages including:

  • Wide, lightweight rolls that allow rapid and low cost installation
  • Creation of efficient drainage and vapour barriers between diaphragm and internal walls
  • Resistance to puncturing when installed as a vapour and drainage barrier under concrete slabs
  • Replacement of lean concrete sub-base slabs without compromising load-bearing capacity
  • Creation of a cavity control layer in chemical storage areas
  • Acting as a protection layer over waterproofing membranes

1. Diaphram wall

2. VersiDrain® 8

3. Internal wall

4. Waterproofing membrane

5. Weep-hole

6. Scupper drain

7. Soil

8. Drain pipe

9. VersiDrain® 8

10. VersiDrain® edge profile

MaterialHigh density polyethylene
Weightapprox. 580 g/m
Sheet thicknessapprox. 0.6 mm
Dimple height>8 mm
Void volume between studsapprox. 5.3 l/m²
Discharge Capacityapprox. 4.6 l/s.m approx. 276 l/min.m approx. 16,560 l/h.m
Compressive strengthapprox. 250 kN/m² (25 t/m²)
Biological / chemical resistanceResistant to ground chemicals, rot, moulds, algae, bacteria and root penetration. Does not affect potable water.
Fire resistanceB2 (DIN 4102)
AccessoriesVersiDrain 8 may be fastened to substrates using proprietary VersiDrain fixing accessories
StandardsVersiDrain 8 is manufactured and tested according to DIN 18 195, DIN 4095, DIN 4102, DIN 53 576 and BS 8102