VersiDrain® 8 Mesh

What is VersiDrain® 8 Mesh

VersiDrain® 8 Mesh is a translucent dimpled plastic drainage sheet with an integrated plastic mesh. It is used as a base for plastering or shotcreting on walled underground structures, excavated rock surfaces and tunnels. The dimpled sheet also acts as a seepage layer to control dampness on basement walls.The dimples provide an air gap for reliable ventilation between the outer and inner walls.

VersiDrain® 8 Mesh creates an effective vapour barrier and the integrated plastic mesh ensures efficient bonding of the plaster or shotcrete to the dimpled sheet. Plaster boards and timber panels may be used as alternative finishes that are fastened using proprietary.

VersiDrain® fixing accessories.

VersiDrain® 8 Mesh, being translucent, allows easy alignment and location of fixing positions.


VersiDrain® 8 Mesh drainage sheets act as a base for shotcrete and plaster and provide efficient drainage on:

  • Basement walls
  • Tunnels
  • Excavated rock surfaces
  • A horizontal 8 mm high dimple configuration
  • Compressive strength of 150 kN/m² (15 t/m²) that permits usage in medium weight bearing load situations
  • An integrated plastic mesh that acts as a base for plaster and shotcrete
  • Dimpled configuration that allows efficient water capture and discharge rates
  • Resistance to biological attack and to a wide range of soil-borne chemicals
  • Wide, lightweight rolls that allow rapid and low cost installation
  • Rolls that are easily mechanically fastened to walls or excavated rock surfaces
  • Provision of efficient drainage, thermal insulation and vapour barriers on vertical walls and excavated surfaces
  • Creation of a seepage layer for internal dampness control of basement walls

1. Plaster/shortcrete

2. VersiDrain® edge profile

3. VersiDrain® 8 Mesh

4. Concrete slab

5. Basement wall/rock

6. VersiDrain®

7. Compacted gravel

8. Sub-soil drain

VersiDrain® Mesh offers drainage of basement and retaining walls and waterproofing membrane protection.

VersiDrain® Meshprovides drainage of basement walls, excavated rock or tunnels

Material High density polyethylene
Weight approx. 580 g/m
Sheet thickness approx. 0.6 mm
Dimple height 8 mm
Void volume between dimples 150 kN/m² (15 t/m²)
Drainage Capacity approx. 4.61 l/s.m approx. 276 l/min.m approx. 16,560 l/h.m
Compressive strength approx. 5.3 l/m²
Biological/chemical resistance Resistance to ground chemicals, rot, moulds, algae, bacteria, and root penetration. Does not affect potable water
Fire resistance B2 (DIN 4102)