Wind Uplift of Paver Pedestal Systems on Roof Terraces of High Rise Buildings is a common problem especially in countries like Australia (one of the sunniest and windiest nations in the world). Elmich consulted a global wind engineering consulting firm in Australia and after numerous product tests and prototypes, we finally developed a proprietary safety system to mitigate wind uplifts to paver pedestal systems.

Introducing VJ CP Retainer

The VJ CP Retainer system helps mitigate wind uplift to pavers mounted on VersiJack® pedestal supports in exposed installations such as roof decks and balconies.

System Components

The VJ CP Retainer system comprises a Base Plate (A) that clips onto the top of VersiJack®, four Corner Plates (B) that locate into the recesses of the Base Plate, and a Retaining Cross with a Fastening Screw (C+D) that threads into the centre of the Base Plate.

The Base Plate can be further secured onto VersiJack® with additional screws. The Corner Plates are held in position on the Base Plate by the Retaining Cross and the Fastening Screw.

System components are manufactured from high-strength engineering plastics and supplied pre-assembled for simple installation.


An adhesive suitable for robust bonding with polypropylene is applied to the Corner Plates while the Corner Plates are held in place by the Retaining Cross and Fastening Screw into the Base Plate. VersiJack® may be further bonded to the substrate for added security.

Additionally, the Corner Plates are shaped to prevent the adhesive from coming into contact with the Base Plate or VersiJack®. This enables individual pavers to be removed from the system as required for maintenance or inspection of utility services.


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