*SAFETY* Support Panel For Landscape Finishes

*SAFETY* Support Panel For Landscape Finishes

VersiScape– Safety Support Panel

VersiScape™ constructs a leveled surface that accommodates any landscape finish, from pavers to porcelain tiles of varying size, and minimum thickness of 20 mm. VersiScape™  allows for the assembly of conventional pavers/tiles, variable pavers/tiles, and artificial landscapes. (more…)

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*SAFETY* Concealed Paver Wind Uplift Protection

Wind Uplift of Paver Pedestal Systems on Roof Terraces of High Rise Buildings is a common problem especially in countries like Australia (one of the sunniest and windiest nations in the world). Elmich consulted a global wind engineering consulting firm in Australia and after numerous product tests and prototypes, we finally developed a proprietary safety system to mitigate wind uplifts to paver pedestal systems. (more…)

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Pool to Putting Green!!!

Brett at Stonehedge did a fantastic job converting this unused pool into a putting green The VersiTank 550 modules were assembled onsite to infill the pool. The Geotextile fabric covered the modules so no debris enters, Modules are lightweight and easy to install. Congrats again !!!



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Tiles on Balconies

NSW building certification bill still lets developers off the hook


The National Construction Code is not good at requiring buildings to be waterproof, but, again, some simple changes could be made to the Home Building Act. These should include beefed-up requirements for waterproofing any balcony or planter box larger in area than about six square metres.

We know for sure any tiles directly stuck to a membrane over a large area will fail, either immediately or relatively soon. Making it compulsory to use a system that allows tiles to be removed to access the membrane is simple and will eliminate years of misery. Read Full Article


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Elmich VersiDrain 8 Mesh

VersiDrain® 8 Mesh is a translucent dimpled plastic drainage sheet with an integrated plastic mesh. It is used as a base for plastering or shotcreting on walled underground structures, excavated rock surfaces and tunnels. The dimpled sheet also acts as a seepage layer to control dampness on basement walls.The dimples provide an air gap for reliable ventilation between the outer and inner walls. (more…)

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Elmich VGM Survives Typhoon

Elmich VGM GreenWall survives the strongest Typhoon to hit China in nearly 70 Years. The System is equipped with Anti-Lift arms and proprietory anchoring system.
The system can withstand winds from various directions upto 110km/h.

Iconic Building Featuring Decked Roof and Winter Garden

A collaboration between Architectus (Sydney) and Ingenhoven Architects (Germany), 1 Bligh Street combines leading edge design, technology and sustainablilty in one of the worlds most enviable locations. Since the initial proposal in 2006, Architectus has continued the development of these ideas guided by four critical considerations: the view, the public space, the work environment and the green building… (Specifier Magazine Issue 103) Read more

Largest Modular Greenroof in Sydney

Recently completed, the largest Modular Greenroof in Sydney
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Elmich Launch Fire Rated Greenwall System

We are proud to launch the first Greenwall system specifically designed to meet fire safety requirements.
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Elmich – A yardstick for sustainable business

Elmich are winning awards as a sustainable business Read more