Paving Pedestals | Elmich Australia

  • Make paving easier and safer
  • Adjust heights and level surfaces
  • Future-proof with innovative technology
  • Provide access to waterproof membrane


Are you still paving the old-fashioned way, using sand? Do you wish there was a way of making paving easier, providing solutions to all your paving problems?

Now there is, thanks to the VersiPave GP from Elmich Australia!


The future of paving pedestals in Australia

The VersiPave is the result of more than 30 years in the landscaping engineering business. We have taken the latest technological advancements and created practical solutions to all your paving problems, by designing the ultimate in adjustable paving pedestals!

This height-adjustable paving pedestal can be used for a huge variety of different raised flooring applications, including:

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Pool surrounds
  • Roof terraces
  • Verandas


The VersiPave is made of lightweight, extremely strong plastic. It negates the need for sand in the paving process, so it makes paving quicker and easier, as well as increasing safety by reducing the weight on building structures.

It is also ideal for improving the appearance of walkways, as it can easily be used to conceal services which do not look attractive. However, it makes these services, as well as waterproofing membranes, extremely easy to access, so maintenance is quicker and less disruptive than ever before.

Paving pedestals Q & A

Q: What types of pavers can be used with the VersiPave?

A: The VersiPave can be used with most types of pavers, including marble, granite, precast concrete and porcelain, making it an extremely versatile solution.

Q: Is the VersiPave strong?

A: The VersiPave is extremely strong. It is capable of supporting weights in excess of 2.5 tonnes per unit.

Q: How much height adjustment does the VersiPave have?

A: What makes the VersiPave so innovative is its integrated snap-on chocks. These are height-adjustable from 24mm to 34mm. However, this can be increased even further by using Elmich’s own extenders.

Q: Does the VersiPave make maintenance easier?

A: Yes, it does. In addition to making services and waterproofing membranes easier to access, the VersiPave also improves ease of maintenance in a number of other ways. It allows air ventilation, so it minimises the growth of algae, making your raised flooring more hygienic and easier to clean. It also eliminates water pooling on the surface, as it can be used to level uneven surfaces.

More information about paving pedestals

If you are interested in our range of paving pedestals in Australia, and you would like more information, please contact us. Our specialist team are always happy to help.