McDonald’s Jurong Central Park


VersiDrain® 25P water retention and drainage trays installed over the mushroom-shaped roof

VersiDrain® 25P water retention and drainage trays (the principal component of Elmich Green Roof) installed over the concrete mushroom-shaped roof of the restaurant facilitate efficient drainage of excess water and allow water and soluble nutrients stored in the cells to be returned, via evaporation and capillary action, to the primarily inorganic planting medium during dry periods. This effectively reduces irrigation frequency and maintains healthy plant growth. The resultant green roof blends seamlessly into the green environment of the Park.


An attractive external green wall designed by Garden Success and installed by 4 Seasons Nursery incorporates both red and green Altenanthera “Exhibition Border” established on both faces of the Elmich Vertical Green Wall modules. The modules are contained in a metal framing system and irrigation lines between each layer of modules provide liquid nutrient solution.