Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are an outdoor feature that can beautify and modernise just about any urban space. They are a creative way to add colour and nature to a condo or apartment building or an individual indoor space. Vertical gardens are also an innovative way to camouflage gutters or drain pipes, or really any other outdoor feature on a building that you might want to disguise.

Vertical garden units can be hung as many or as few as you’d like in one column. They’re also easy to rearrange when you’d like to change the look or order of your plants. The possibilities are almost endless. All you need to do to display your hanging garden is to hang the units on proprietory panels or fixings

Units can also be stacked side by side to create rows of plants that add lots of colour to the outside of your home.

What to Look for in Vertical Garden Units:

  • Durable pots that are easy to change plants in and out of
  • Designed so that plants can be easily irrigated
  • Easily hung on proprietory panels or fixings
  • Built-in drainage
  • Enough space to allow for planting variety


Vertical gardens can breathe life into just about any outdoor space by allowing you to add your choice of plants; you can mix and match or create themes with the plants you choose. Herb gardens, shade-friendly plants, and perennial plants are all great themes to choose from.

Whatever your vertical garden needs are, there’s a gardening unit that can help you add greenery to the outside of your home or business. And if you aren’t sure where to begin, just ask someone with experience, we’ll be glad to help you choose the right garden for you.

You’ll be able to change the look of your outdoor space easily and with just a few plants, just relax and be creative.

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