Angel Place, Pitt Street, Sydney NSW.


To provide high strength light-weight deck supports, without penetrating an existing waterproofing membrane, on a roof top recreational area.


VersiJack is providing a stable support structure for the large timber deck area at this location. VersiJack supports were adjusted to account for the fall in the slab and then placed directly onto the waterproofing membrane. Timber joists were screwed into the VersiJack batten supports and the batten supports were screwed onto the VersiJack units which were then adjusted either up or down to account for any warping of the timber. Locking rings on each unit were then screwed down to ensure maximum stability. Joists were anchored into the wall edges to ensure stability of the decking. Each VersiJack unit required only three minutes to install, offering considerable savings over brick and metal piers. VersiJack units are not mechanically fastened and unlike brick piers do not penetrate or damage waterproofing membranes and unlike metal supports, do not rust.