Highway underpass – Singapore.


To provide a modular underground storm water re-use tanks that will act as a capillary watering system to support plant growth under highway underpasses.


The National Park Board in Singapore in conjunction with Elmich utilized VersiTank Plus 840 to form part of an integrated storm water management system. Surface water from road overpasses is channeled into a filtration sump where debris, sediment and hydrocarbons are removed before passing into interlocked VersiTank Plus 840 units below ground.

The sides and bottom of the tanking system were enveloped with Evalon, an EVA/PVC high strength sheet waterproofing membrane to contain run-off water. Geotextile was positioned on the surface to stop the ingress of soil media that was installed above the tanking system. Storm water in the tanks moves, via capillary action, through the soil system to the root zone of selected plant species planted in the growing media above the VersiTank Plus 840 units.

This cost effective system ensures that surface run-off is captured, filtered and effectively used via capillary action to maintain vigorous plant growth, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing environment below highway overpasses.