California Pension Service (Calpers) Building Sacremento, California USA.


To provide efficient drainage under 10,000 m2 of landscaped areas positioned over underground parking areas, to withstand the weight of onsite mechanical equipment, during the installation of soil mix and to bear the weight of large tree plantings.


VersiCell interlocking panels were positioned directly onto the waterproofing membrane, providing membrane protection and covered with geotextile. Planting media was positioned on the geotextile and turf and plant species installed. VersiCell, unlike cuspated drainage sheets, when covered with a minimum 100mm of soil mix, withstands the weight of bobcats and other mechanical equipment during the installation of soil mix. VersiCell also resists the weight of large newly established and mature tree species. VersiCell is three times more efficient than dimpled drainage sheets in capturing and transporting sub-surface water and does not suffer from severe restriction, caused by geotextile sagging between dimples, in cuspated drainage sheets.